Blood Orange Cocktail for Winter



I was so excited for winter this year. After living in Australia for over a year, where the coldest it ever got was 60 degrees, call me crazy but I actually started to miss snow a little bit. You know, the cozy nights by the fire, snowboarding, sledding, making snow angels…

I was even more excited for the great Blizzard of 2015. Most were taking cover; I was taking a front seat by the window, eager to see what three feet of a real Nor’easter looked like. What a disappointment. We got four measly inches in Jersey City. Northeast, I am embarrassed for you — this happens like twice a week in Michigan.

That was the first straw. The second was the freezing rain we had next, which created icy puddles whose depths couldn’t be fathomed and a ubiquitous gray sludge that wreaked havoc on my Uggs. Also, all the things I like about snow that I mentioned above don’t really exist in an urban environment (except the snow angels).

The third straw was today’s forecast: “chance of ice pellets.” As in bullets of ice were predicted to shoot down to Earth like meteors and pummel  us. I’m over you, winter. It’s not me, it’s you — I’d like to start seeing some other seasons, like spring.

It may still be miserable out, but this pretty cocktail cheered me up. Blood oranges are in season, and on sale at Whole Paycheck. 

Super Intricate and Precise Recipe…

Juice 6 blood oranges and strain the pulp. Place in a metal cocktail shaker with two shots of  good vodka, and one shot of orange flavored liqueur, such as Grand Marnier or Cointreau. Or two shots of bad vodka and one of Triple Sec. Whatever shakes your cocktail.

Shake with ice until your hands can’t take it anymore. Strain into chilled glasses and top off with champagne.

Actually, we weren’t so fancy and used tonic water for the fizzy component. But if it didn’t require going outside and braving the ice pellets to get it, I definitely would have gone with some sort of fancier sparkle.

Toast to spring being (hopefully) just around the corner.

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6 Responses to Blood Orange Cocktail for Winter

  1. lutefisklovr says:

    Now this doesn’t happen very often – witty weather commentary, followed by a recipe for a liquid antidote! A round of blood orange cocktails for everyone sick of this sorry excuse for winter (people in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, and parts of Long Island excepted, naturally)! Dutch treat, of course…


  2. Every weather commentary should close with a cocktail recipe!


  3. Mmm, I actually have some blood oranges in my fridge right now and think they would be much better in a bevvy than in my yogurt!;-)


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